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ALGACRAFT – the home of automated analysis of algae growth


We are an emerging provider of robust and reliable fully automated algae growth optimisation service. We provide support to the biotechnology sector, from algae producers to strain collections and researchers.

We developed a cutting-edge low-cost, highly automated smart photobioreactor designed specifically for algae strain development that allows us to rapidly test algae growth in controlled environment.

Our Services

Our dedicated team offers analytical services and consulting on algae growth optimisation, which can be delivered either directly at your location or within our world-class facility in Edinburgh.

We can also supply, under a license, our photobioreactors and analytical software to your laboratory.

If our solution could help you, do get in touch using the form below, or drop us a line at

We are looking forward to helping optimise your algae production.

Team & Careers

Algacraft is a start-up company, founded by five experts in high-tech innovation, microbiology and engineering, with extensive experience within the biotech industry.

We are recruiting!

We are currently looking for an Engineering Contractor.
All details can be found in the below JOB DESCRIPTION:

If you are interested in working with us, please, send us a short motivational letter, CV and a quote to

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ALGACRAFT LTD is incorporated in Scotland, with company number SC637776.

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